SureHire 360 is committed to customer satisfaction!

SureHire 360 proactively anticipates changes in the industry and client needs by making continuous improvements to our solutions and service offerings.   We refuse to remain satisfied with our performance and are determined to provide the highest caliber of products and services.  We provide everything you need to begin a background screening program or enhance your current one.  We provide the report packages and consulting that comply with the FCRA and state laws.

SureHire 360 takes the utmost care to ensure your transition as a new client is fast and easy.  Our experienced team is dedicated to creating and deploying a background screening program designed with your needs in mind.  During the implementation period, we take care to help your team through the easy transition to our user-friendly, online ordering system.  Once you are onboard, we give you the tools your organization needs to grow.  SureHire 360 is available to answer your day to day questions with a knowledgeable and responsive team of representatives.