Health Care Sanctions Search (FACIS™ Level I, II, and III)-Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems

FACIS is separated into three levels that allow you to screen employees and vendors against primary sources for exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

FACIS™ Level 1 includes:  OIG, GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE AND OFAC-SDN, HHS-OIG and Medicare Opt-Out data.  This service searches for exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

FACIS™ Level II includes:  FACIS™ Level 1  plus State Medicaid sanctions, 42 HEAT sources and 51 AG Notice and Release sources, and state level procurement/contractor debarment sources. Level II and III searches can limit your exposure to Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs) as a result of state licensing agency sanctions and civil suits.

FACIS™ Level III includes:  All sources included in FACIS™ I/II and the sanctioning boards from all 56 U. S. Jurisdictions across all provider types.  This is the most comprehensive search available.  Organizations can significantly decrease their risk of being sanctioned and/or receiving civil monetary penalties at both the state and federal level. Though all three FACIS™ Levels meet federal requirements for healthcare-related screening, Level III is recommended because some states have screening requirements that exceed those of the federal government.

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Many of our clients feel that the best practice is to take a more extensive approach by monitoring employees through the FACIS™ Level III, because it protects them from potential negative ramifications of employing individuals or vendors who are sanctioned by a state level licensing board.   Call or email to check with us about monthly, ongoing monitoring.